The Purpose

 I am a Bible teaching, preaching, singing and praising - with thanksgiving - ordained Baptist preacher of the Gospel of the Grace of God. Blogging is a passion God developed to share thoughts, ideas and Spiritual life principles He has given me during my lifetime. I will use my writing and video production skills to share how I "Live The Conqueror Lifestyle" while I regularly pray you will too. You can interact with the posts, share them and hopefully use them to adopt this lifestyle brand wholeheartedly. My vision is to share with men the fundamentals of this Christian lifestyle . Their family and friends will benefit from and be attracted to this continuous Spiritual experience. 
I call it "The Conqueror Lifestyle."

This site is solely designed to share details about this lifestyle brand using candid, personal experiences while I "LiveTCL." I will use live video as well as social media to interact with you. Each post will expose you to inspirational aspects of TCL. My books, Christian products and services will also be featured here as sound Bible-based resources for you. All content is seasoned with Christian Life Principles that support the Brand. My goal is to increase my audience by clearly defining and offering you the opportunity to "Live The Conqueror Lifestyle!" 

Whether you are searching for Christian resources to improve your walk or in the midst of a storm and in need of Spiritual fortitude, living the Conqueror Lifestyle will improve the quality of your life from the inside out.

Reverend Darrin D. Payne
​aka Rev. D